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New body prototype

New doll body with Marseille head

10 Photos

Skene (ns)

Photos of Skene, ball jointed doll casted in normal skin color resin

36 Photos


Photos of Nicolina, ball jointed doll casted in normal skin color resin

11 Photos

Skene (ws)

Photos of Skene, ball jointed doll casted in white skin color resin

30 Photos


Photos of Szarlotka, anthro bunny doll casted in white and normal skin color resin.

24 Photos


13 Photos


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10 Responses to Gallery

  1. I love both your gilrs, really impressed, never seen a doll like this!

  2. Beautiful beautiful doll!

  3. You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  4. Thank you all ! We hope post new photos of our new girl in the near future :)

  5. Do you include face-ups for Skene? She is an intriguing looking doll and it could be quite difficult to find the appropriate face-up if you didn’t include it.

  6. Dear Julie, unfortunately face-up isn’t included. We wish to have time for it, because as you noticed, she trully is hard for painting. Maybe faceups will be available in the future, but I think not earlier than in June :( .

  7. so amazing and breathtaking…congratulations. you are true artists. dolls from poland are really awesome.

  8. Wow, very unique and amazing girl. Congratulations and good luck. Hope to see more dolls soon =)

  9. Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem. Szarlotka – do schrupania :). Walory artystyczne jawią się pierwszorzędnie. Przemyślana, doskonała forma która pozwoliła na wprojektowanie wyraźnie zarysowanej osobowości. Gratulacje !

  10. Beautiful. Just Beautiful!

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