How to order

If you are interested in buying flower decoration, eyes or wig for your doll, please send us e-mail with information. You can choose only from decorations, wigs and eyes currently available on our website. If there isn’t any product that fits your epectations, you can always e-mail us and ask about making the specific product (eg. wig of specific lenght and color).

If you are interested in buying one of our dolls, please send us e-mail with following information:

For now only available doll is Marseille (in  NS color).

- name of the doll

- eyes color (blue, grey, green, chocolate, eyes are custom made, making them takes about two weeks)

- your name and shipping adress

- preferred shipping method (EMS or priority airmail)

After receiving e-mail from you, we calculate shipping costs and send you reply with total amount and our PayPal adress.

 We do NOT sell dolls with makeup and body blushing, accessories such as outfits or chairs. The only exeption are occasionally available in our storeOOAK dolls (fully stylized and painted).


Dolls are usually prepared and shipped within 2 weeks, unless we say different. After shipment we contact with you and give info about tracking number. All our dolls are packed very carefully, therefore we don’t take responsibility for damage caused by postal service.

Dolls are fully strunged, with hot glue applied. Seam lines are removed by hand.

In case of having any questions, please contact with us:

currently available eyes colors:

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